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Yom Shlishi, 25 Shevat 5777
  • Shabbat Enjoy the peace and joy of Shabbat.
  • Adult Education Quench your thirst for Jewish knowledge.
  • Sisterhood Honoring Sisterhood Presidents.
  • Men's Club Preparing delicious latkes for Hanukkah.
  • Choir Lift your voice in song.
  • Hanukkah Celebrating Hanukkah with friends and family.
  • Social Action Serving lunch to the homeless.
  • Torah Learn Jewish values.
  • Shabbat
  • Adult Education
  • Sisterhood
  • Men's Club
  • Choir
  • Hanukkah
  • Social Action
  • Torah


StainedGlassWindowBet Aviv is a Reform Jewish congregation founded on commitment to Columbia's interfaith concept. Our programs focus on the needs and interests of our adult members. A warm, friendly, committed community, we offer a wide variety of activities that encourage congregants to stay connected and involved. An additional benefit: our dues are affordable.


Our child-rearing years mostly behind us, we are at a wonderful time of life. At Bet Aviv, we now have the time to use as we choose to cultivate new friendships, to study religious history, to discuss contemporary issues and to participate in activities to improve our community. We're there for each other in good times to celebrate simchas and, of course, to extend support in times of need.


Whether your passion is spiritual, intellectual or focused on making the world a better place, Bet Aviv offers a wide range of activities for you. We encourage and welcome new members to participate fully in our programs. With so many to choose from, you're sure to find one just right for you.


Bet Aviv's dues are fair and affordable. Because our programs are adult-focused, we don't incur the higher expenses of youth-oriented programs such as Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and Sunday School. Moreover, our choice to share space at the Oakland Mills Interfaith Center eliminates a building fund. And the help of member volunteers lowers administrative costs. Sum total: exceptional value and a rewarding membership experience.


Get Connected

Photo Gallery

Baby-Naming ThumbTake a stroll down memory lane as you view photos of our memorable occasions.  We have links to special events, Shabbat services and holiday celebrations.  See photos of our Seders, Hanukkah parties and baby namings.

Adult Education

Adult Ed_ThumbWe are a community that has thirst for deepening our knowledge of Judaism and its values.  We hold monthly Adult Education programs, weekly sessions with Rabbi Bernstein to study Midrash and a yearly Scholar in Residence program,

Social Action

ODBDSCN4886 ThumbOur community is actively involved in coordinating the efforts of the congregations actvities fulfilling the mitzvah of tikkun olam, repairing the world.  We regularly volunteer at the Route 1 Day Resource Center for the homeless, cook food for the hungry, and help keep our environment clean.


Sisterhood Shabbat_IMG_1273_ThumbCombined social, educational, religious and social action programs to create opportunities for the synagogue’s women to create lasting friendships.  Our Sisterhood holds monthly programs,  an annual fundraiser, cooks food for the homeless, helps dress the poor, has an awesome book club and more!

Men's Club

Latke King_ThumbOur Men's Club provides programming of interest to all on Jewish topics, preceded by their famous bagelicious brunch.  In addition, the Men's Club cooks latkes for our Hanukkah celebration.


Choir 3916101970105_ThumbOur choir enhances our services with their beautiful singing.  They are honored on Choir Shabbat, sing special melodies for Hanukkah and enhance our High Holy Day services.

Upcoming Events

Tue Feb 21 @11:30AM - 01:00PM
Lunch and Learn
Tue Feb 21 @ 7:00PM - 08:30PM
Shiva Minayn for Doug Malcom
Wed Feb 22 @ 2:45PM - 07:00PM
Route 1 Day Resource Center Volunteers
Wed Feb 22 @ 7:00PM - 08:30PM
Shiva Minayn for Doug Malcom
Thu Feb 23 @ 7:00PM - 08:30PM
Shiva Minayn for Doug Malcom
Fri Feb 24 @ 8:00PM - 09:30PM
Shabbat Service
Fri Feb 24 @11:59PM -
Sisterhood Coffee Fundraiser
Sun Feb 26 @ 9:45AM - 11:45AM
Adult Education
Sun Feb 26 @ 6:30PM - 08:30PM
Choir Rehearsal 2017
Mon Feb 27 @ 7:30PM - 09:00PM
Camera Club
Tue Feb 28 @11:30AM - 01:00PM
Lunch and Learn
Mon Mar 06 @ 7:00PM - 09:00PM
Genealogy Club
Tue Mar 07 @11:30AM - 01:00PM
Lunch and Learn
Tue Mar 07 @ 1:00PM - 03:00PM
Sisterhood Program - Learning and Enjoying Yiddish
Wed Mar 08 @ 1:00PM - 03:00PM
Sisterhood Book Club - Afternoon Session
Wed Mar 08 @ 7:30PM - 09:00PM
Sisterhood Book Club - Evening Session
Sat Mar 11 @10:00AM - 11:30AM
Purim Shabbat Service
Sun Mar 12 @ 9:45AM - 11:45AM
Adult Education
Sun Mar 12 @ 6:30PM - 08:30PM
Choir Rehearsal 2017
Tue Mar 14 @11:30AM - 01:00PM
Lunch and Learn
Tue Mar 14 @ 7:30PM - 09:00PM
Bet Aviv Board Meeting
Fri Mar 17 @ 7:00PM - 08:00PM
Kol Nefesh Shabbat
Sun Mar 19 @ 9:30AM - 11:45AM
Men's Club
Mon Mar 20 @ 1:00PM - 03:00PM
Sisterhood Program - Broadway Divas
Mon Mar 20 @ 7:30PM - 09:00PM
Temple Book Club